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The Vast Depths
Featuring Kelly Barbosa
May  1-31
Opening Reception: Saturday May 11, 1-4pm

The Northern Artist Gallery is thrilled to announce that the exhibit for the month of May will be artist Kelly Barbosa. The exhibit will showcase her love for oceanic creatures and can be viewed at Artists on Elgin from May 1-31. The public is invited to attend the opening reception on Saturday, May 11th from 1 pm to 4 pm to meet the artist.

Kelly Barbosa has always felt a love for the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it. Kelly’s work is a unique blend of painting and relief sculpture as she carves creatures out of MDF (multi-density fibreboard) and finishes them with acrylic paint. 

Kelly wants to bring a splash of the ocean to the inland of Northern Ontario using vivid hues and bold stylization. In this display of oceanic creatures, you will experience divergent species represented with vibrant hues, bold lines, and distinct texture. Come and explore the vast depths.