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Although most individuals would like it if their furry friends could accompany them wherever they go there are times when the family dog or cat needs to stay behind. Everybody who needs to leave their pet while they off want to find a great boarding center that will take decent care of the dog or cat. Many kennels guarantee pet owners that they provide excellent care but sadly, this is not always the situation.  This is precisely why it is so important for pet owners to find out whether the pet boarding facility they’re contemplating lives up to its claims.

See the Kennel Website

Every valid pet boarding business has a professional website. Most business owners offer information about the organization’s background, the staff, and the services they supply. They often include photographs of the facility and some sites even include cat and dog boarding rates. A simple way to find out more information about a specific pet boarding facility is to conduct a quick Internet search. An online search can immediately disclose any positive or negative reviews posted online by clients. These reviews can provide pet owners with valuable information about the characteristic of a facility.

Take a Tour of the Facility

Pet owners must always go on a tour of their kennel before opting to leave their pet there so that they have the opportunity to satisfy staff members and see where their dog or cat will be staying. Individuals should never leave their pet at a cat or dog boarding center that has impatient or damaging staff members. The very best pet boarding facilities only employ caring and efficient staff members who love working with animals.

Professional pet grooming facilities let prospective customers find what they have to give. In case a kennel does allow pet owners to walk through their facility freely, they likely have something to hide. They might be trying to hide unclean or substandard areas or ill pets. Potential customers have every right to scrutinize all indoor and outdoor regions of the kennel. If the team doesn’t permit individuals to enter certain regions of the facility, pet owners should take their cats or dog everywhere.

Ask Questions

Pet owners should don’t hesitate to ask questions about the different services that a kennel provides. They should find out just how often dogs are let out of their cage or area and discover out if playtime a part of the daily routine. Many kennels let dogs out twice each day for a run but not all facilities play with the puppies or walk them. Individuals who want their pets to go on walks and play daily should be certain to discover a kennel that delivers these solutions. Some kennels offer you a half-day of doggy daycare, which includes plenty of playtime and interaction with all staff members.

People should ask whether they’re permitted to bring their pet’s everyday brand of food. Abruptly switching dog food brands may upset an animal’s digestive system so it’s important to pick a dog boarding center that enables pet owners to get food from home, this is particularly vital for pets who have food allergies. Folks should also ask what’s going to happen if their cat or dog gets ill. Some centers have an on-site veterinarian or veterinarian assistant while some team up with a local vet who takes care of the pet’s various medical needs. Visit our vet clinic boarding for more information.

Individuals should not leave their pet at a facility that refuses to answer their questions or seems hesitant to provide easy answers. Any quality pet boarding facility will not have a problem answering a possible client’s questions. Staff members should take the opportunity to inquire pet owners about their dog or cat’s medical history, temperament, needs, and tastes. Typically, clients are required to fill out an information form and sign a contract.

Pay More to Get an Excellent Facility

In case you have a dog or cat that doesn’t like to be caged you can hunt for a contemporary cage-free boarding facility. Pet hotels are more costly than a normal kennel since they provide private rooms with cozy dog or cat beds. Pets may also bring along their favorite toys and blankets so that they feel secure while they are away from your home. Most of these modern amenities offer you extra-large rooms that accommodate numerous dogs or cats in the same home. Individuals who leave their cat or dog in a pet health spa and resort can expect to get excellent service.

Whether pet owners intend to leave their dog or cat in a pet boarding facility for a single night or a few weeks they need to make sure that they’re selecting the very best place possible. Reputable pet resorts which have doggy daycare and pet health spa services are often consumed, especially during busy travel seasons. Individuals that wish to book a spot at a top dog or cat boarding facility need to reserve their pet’s stay well beforehand.

We realize you might feel stressed at the prospect of leaving your pet once you go out of town — particularly if they are sick, or when they’re recovering from a procedure or surgery. At Brogli Lane Weaver & Alexander Animal Hospital, we would like to help alleviate your worries. Our veterinary trained staff provide individual attention and care personalized to each pet’s needs

We give complete general boarding services for all of our clients, and medical care solutions for patients with conditions that standard boarding centers may not be equipped to take care of.

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