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Beware of Seductive Power of Technology

I enjoy technology. I am conceding all the great and fun items that computer-based technology has become our lives; I will not fight that battle. Not only would I lose any argument against the amazing additions technology has made to our lives, but I’d also be fighting against myself. I really like it that I can flip open a Star Trek “communicator” and speak to almost anyone, anytime. I love…

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Experience the Cottage Lifestyle in Canada in Different Ways

Taking off for the cabin lifestyle in Canada, particularly during the “season”, is a terrific vacation idea for the individual needing to unwind. But can not the same be said of many other vacation spots also? Why would someone pick this nation, particularly? Well, as well as the spacious skies and majestic mountains of the property, Canada also has lots of different items for novice vacationers to experience. And even…